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Old Thread

We have seen many problems associated with threads The biggest problem is the age and quality of the thread. Thread typically has a 3-year shelf life, however you can extend that by keeping it in a dark location. You can tell it is bad when you pull it thru the machine with the foot down (so tension is closed) and it feels like you are pulling it across a saw blade. Put some new good quality thread in the same machine and it pulls smooth as silk. That said some of the cheap machines (wal-mart, Jo Ann’s) no matter what you use it feels like pulling it over a saw blade because the metal in the thread path just isn’t polished. That is one good way to tell a cheap machine from a good one and good thread from cheap thread.
When you are buying thread check country of origin and many have changed in the last couple of years like Coats & Clark is now made in China as well as Gutterman, these used to be some of the best threads but now they are on the bottom of the scale. Your best threads are coming out of Germany still so look for that, one that comes to mind is Issacord and they have 356 colors. Remember stacked spools of thread must stand up straight like the old machines and all cross-wound thread must lie down and pull from the top of the spool. If you don’t do this you are putting a twist in the thread and it will cause problems. Nearly a day doesn’t go by that we don’t solve a customer’s problem just by showing them this tip.